Examples of Artworks

As the examples of artworks we represent
pop art portraits and creative works, performed in different periods.



Art studio of Asya Malevich is a private project. Asya’s paintings are in private collections of Russian officials, business people, famous representatives of show business and sport: Timati, Stas Mikhailov, Sergey Zhukov, Vera Brezneva, Valery Miladze, Dima Bilan, Maksim Galkin, Aleksander Ovechkin.

Artwork are also exhibited in London Gallery Walton Fine Arts on Wall Street together with such painters as Banksy, Hirst, Picasso, Warhol, Wesselmann, Shagal, Bambi.

Asya has regular customers from all over the world (Mexico, Brasilia, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan ) and it serves as an example that her art is highly appreciated and recognized by different people regardless their cultural background.

You can order a Pop Art Portrait or choose an artwork for the interior decoration

Asyas’s creative artworks are provocative, and they show response to the world and its present-day reality, aimed at sending a message to the audience. Other artworks can be suitable for modern space decoration.



Pop art portrait or painting
is a wonderful present for any holyday!

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Our 5 characteristics


Our paintings are hand-made

We do not print painting on canvases.
We do not accept orders that we cannot perform in our technique. Each artwork is an individual project.


The technique is authentic and perfect.

Uniqueness of the technique involves 4-staging creating of each work.
Stage 1- Drawing of artwork design on the graphic tablet in electronic form;
Stage 2 – Creating of multiplex paint mask and its delicate outline cutting;
Stage 3 – Graduate applying coats of acrylic paints on natural canvas with the help of the prepared paint masks.
Stage 4 – Analyzing details of the painting and brushwork.


Creation of the paint masks for pop art portraits is free of charge

We agree together the colour, details, size of your future painting.


Express post delivery to any part of the world.

We have already sent our artworks to Mexico, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Brasilia, and even Kamchatka. We cooperate with reliable delivery service and always look for the best conditions of delivery.


Each painting has a signature of the author

Size and Price for Pop Art Portraits

What you need to get the painting:


Send a photo

You send us your photo by e-mail, describe your preferences concerning color, idea, design.


Agree design

We create a digital design based on your photo, choose colour palette and approve the final design.


Image transfer to canvas

This is the last stage of work: we transfer the image of the design to canvas, and work with acrylic paints and brushes to finish the painting.

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